infinity photographs

infinity photographs

Infinity represents for me the immortalizing of special moments, which are never ending and have endless possibilities

Fascinated by photography at an early age. Whenever possible, I took the camera with me to capture the beautiful things I encountered. But there never was a subject that completely enraptured me.
Until I discovered the dilapidated abbey’s, castles and deserted houses during holidays..


Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment.


Our stories tells the story about our exploration and our adventure during our trips. Some with a bit historical facts.
Enjoy reading.


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urban exploring

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Urbex is short for urban exploring which literally means exploring urban places or buildings, usually abandoned. But it can just as well take place in rural areas, such as villages and hamlets.

Urban exploring is a combination of making beautiful artistic pictures of decay and of adventure. Discovering the unknown and capturing its beauty. Urban exploring is practiced by urban explorers.

Urban exploring is a complex activity and needs extensive planning. Finding the exact location of the building(s) is the first challenge, because it is usually confidential. The urbex code is not share the site with the public to keep it preserved (for others).

The second challenge is finding the way in without being seen. We often come a long way with the help of the group members….

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