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Infinity Artworks

These works of art were created during my visits to abandoned places through Europe. I travel a lot and when I arrive at a location, it is sometimes necessary to recover from a dangerous or exciting entrance, where the adrenaline goes through your body. You want to make a beautiful image and then you first have to focus properly. First I walk around the property and I’m gonna look for places that appeal to me. Sometimes you immediately see a beautiful image. But most of the times it takes a while to find a nice angle or composition. It also happens regularly that I am touched by the beauty of the location, but also of the image I see through my lens. I can really enjoy it there. The exquisite beauty of decay.

Now and then it takes a lot of time to capture the image I had in mind because I want to wait for the right light. From time to time I stay a little longer until the sun goes down. Or get out of bed very early to capture the morning light. I want to capture the photo on the spot as well as possible in terms of lines, composition and angle. It is very important to me that my images are captured as I see them through my eyes. In my edit, it’s trying to keep it as natural as possible.  




Garden of Silences



Up to the Nines




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