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About Me

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Infinity represents for me the immortalizing of special moments, which are never ending and have endless possibilities.

Fascinated by photography at an early age. Whenever possible, I took the camera with me to capture the beautiful things I encountered. But there never was a subject that completely enraptured me.
Until I discovered the dilapidated abbey’s, castles and deserted houses during holidays.

I saw beauty in these forgotten places: the decay, the architecture, the overgrowth and the history.
I was captivated by deserted places and went looking for more. And then I discovered urban exploring. A whole world opened up for me. I fell in love with the signs of decay, peeling walls and overgrown places.

Walking around these buildings gives me a special feeling. I always wonder what happened here and why it was left like this. If only the walls could tell the stories. Despite the things that may have hap- pened in these buildings, there is always a certain kind of tranquility.

In the early days of my urban exploring it became clear that staircases, corridors and halls are my favourite objects to photograph, so you will see them often in my work. I’m attracted to the deterioration of the buildings and I find capturing it in a photograph a nice challenge.

I am always eager to get the picture exactly as I’m imagining it. Playing with the light is an important part of my work.To me Urban Exploring is an adventure and it gives me energy. It can be very exciting: You never know what you will find at the locations. Even though you’ve got excellent planning, there’s always a chance that you could be surprised. Good or bad.

In addition, working together with your buddies is very important and it brings out the best in each other.
I’m always on my way for adventure and exploring the unknown….