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Urbex & Buildings

Urbex is short for urban exploring which literally means exploring urban places or buildings, usually abandoned. But it can just as well take place in rural areas, such as villages and hamlets.

Urban exploring is a combination of making beautiful artistic pictures of decay and of adventure. Discovering the unknown and capturing its beauty. Urban exploring is practiced by urban explorers.

Visiting abandoned buildings and/or sites is our way of urban exploring. We like it all, but our favorite places to go and see are castles, mansions, former hospitals or asylums. Churches can also be interesting. Often these buildings have been badly damaged by the ravages of time. We find abandoned buildings or sites very intriguing because of the architecture, desolation and history.

urban exploring

capturing the decay

For us urban exploring is all about taking bewitching (attractive) photographs and capturing the decline of old buildings, both inside and out. Preferably with some left over furnishing or machinery.

taking only pictures

When we visit places we adhere by the urbex code: “Leave only footprints, take only pictures”. We try to be as careful as possible with the properties and do not violate any laws other than entering areas to which we have no legal access.

We [Infinity Photographs] don’t incite anyone to go out urban exploring. 

urban exploring


We always work in small groups because urban exploring can be dangerous or risky. When we enter the often dilapidated abandoned buildings, there is a risk of falling through floors or stairs. Some locations are monitored and watchdogs and / or supervisors can make it difficult for us. So all members of the group need to be on the lookout and alert at all times.

planning ahead

Urban exploring is a complex activity and needs extensive planning. Finding the exact location of the building(s) is the first challenge, because it is usually confidential. The urbex code is not share the site with the public to keep it preserved (for others).

The second challenge is finding the way in without being seen. We often come a long way with the help of the group members….