Villa Becker

Villa Becker



Villa Becker

Villa Becker

This noble house is more like a palace than a villa.  It was built in 1633. From the 18th century it has been rebuilt, renovated and expanded several times.  The estate is surrounded by a large park.  On top of a hill, overlooking a city.  It’s a beautiful villa, richly decorated with frescoes, columns and ornaments.  How long it has been abandoned is not known. In 2007 the final scene of a horror movie was shot in the villa. It had been abandoned for some time by then I was very lucky to visit this beautiful villa 3 times. It leaves such a special feeling, so impressive. It’s difficult to desribe the splendor of this villa. Take a look at the pictures and you will understand why. Unfortunately, the villa has now been vandalized.
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