Chateau Napoleon

Chateau Napoleon



Chateau Napoleon

Chateau Napoleon

Chateau Napoleon/ Chateau Martial /Chateau Decay

Locations are given a new name in the urbex world. This in order not to reveal the real location. Where those names come from is a mystery. And regularly there are even several names for it.

But why is this castle named after one of history’s most famous, but also most controversial figures?

So let’s do some research to find an explanation.

In 1763 a new castle was built on the old foundations that was build in 1446. The 2 northernmost towers on the corners of the building are still from the old castle.Construction stopped during the revolution in 1775 and was confiscated. The building was in poor condition when it was sold in 1834. A restoration is started and has until 1891. The last restoration took place in 1918.

The building has been classified as a historical monument since 1960.

It was inhabited by counts and marquises. But none of them had a relationship with Napoleon

The building is quite special, because it only has one floor. Everything is on the ground floor. This makes the castle very vast.

The castle is still fully furnished and consists of many beautiful rooms. The decay is clearly visible in many places. After hours of photographing and enjoying ourselves, we finally arrived in the billiard room and there we find several books about Napoleon.

Could this be the reason why this castle was named Napoleon?

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