Chateau L’ Alchemiste

Chateau L’ Alchemiste



Chateau L’ Alchemiste

Chateau L’ Alchemiste

Chateau Marianne or Chateau L’ Alchemiste

We can find this beautiful mansion in a small village. Abandoned for a lot of years. Unfortunately there’s no history know of this place.  It was a former residence of a professor.  The nickname Chateau L’Achemiste is more suitable because of the chemistry equipment we found. Such as test tubes, bottles, syringes, cylinders and beakers.
 It seems the previous inhabitant was also a bit of an artist.
I found a lot of paintings around the house and a large collection in the attic, as well in a small studio in a upstairs room.
It’s a well known place for urbex, but I was amazed it was still in such good condition. You see the signs of decay, but nothing trashed.
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