Chateau Solucampre

Chateau Solucampre



Chateau Solucampre

Chateau Solucampre

Unfortunately, no information can be found about the age of this castle. Or why and when it has been abandoned.

There are many stories surrounding this castle. A serial killer would have lived there. But that turned out to be an urban legend.
The castle is located on a hill and overlooks a beautiful valley. It’s surrounded by extensive grounds, which also include an old chapel and outbuildings. The chapel appears to be older than the castle. Really beautiful and nicely overgrown. Just the way we like it.

We visited the castle and were shocked by the poor condition of the castle. It has been completely drained. Floors are in very bad condition, the roof has collapsed in places. We couldn’t get everywhere anymore because parts had been collapsed or were in very bad shape. Too risky!  And all that remains is a beautiful staircase. Even though it is in really bad shape. But we love the spiral staircase and the decay.

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