Villa Grazia

Villa Grazia



Villa Grazia

Villa Grazia

This Villa is been built at the end of the 19th century by the Sella Family. Then it was bought by a big industrial Alberto.
He wanted the villa to be a dependance of a nearby hotel. But it never been used for those purposes.
Then the son of Alberto, Leone inherited the villa. Leone was a member of the Italian Parliament during the Fascist period. He was also a benefactor of the local community.
For a certain period the villa has been named “villa Poldina”, named after Leone’s wife. When  Leone died the villa was bequeathed to a religious group. 
The villa has been kept in good condition until the 1960s. Then societies passed there and selling, removing and abondoning everything to a sad destiny..
The Villa has been abondoned for more then 50 years. But luckaly the villa has been found a new owner. He’s renovated the place to his former glory.
Fortunately, I was able to visit this villa twice when it was still abandoned. We had to work our way through the weeds and blackberry bushes. But it was well worth it. Beautiful corridors, stairs and a chapel. Unfortunately, there was graffiti in several places.
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