Chateau Tchange

Chateau Tchange



Chateau Tchange

Chateau Tchange

This castle dates back to the 14th century. Built in 13th century and in renaissance style. Towers with battlements, high walls, a dungeon, a large courtyard and a chapel. It looks like it had a defensive position. But it has no strategy position.

In the 16th century the north part is being rebuild. The high walls were replaced by rectangular buildings.
The castle is surrounding with moads and wide open fields. Once filled with vines extending to the horizon, but nothing reveals of the once famous wine-industry. Behind the curtain of tall trees there are cellars arranged with the urmost care, storehouses packed with wine, presses, vats, stables for horses and oxen, sheds for wagon, ploughs and tools of the winemaker.

There’s no information about the inhabitants of this place and why it’s been abandoned

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