Chateau Tchange

This castle dates back to the 14th century. Built in 13th century and in renaissance style. Towers with battlements, high walls, a dungeon, a large courtyard and a chapel. It looks like it had a defensive position. But it has no strategy position. In the 16th century the north part is being rebuild. The high […]

Manicomio di R.

An abandoned Asylum. The main building is built between 1786 and 1825 and the purpose was a hospital for the charitable. But soon it became an boarding school for the children of former soldiers.  In 1871 the place was converted to a psychiatric hospital by a famous Italian psychiatric. It became the centre for neurological […]

the Butcher

An old Butchery. We really went back in time.

Castle Taxidermist

An abandoned castle in France.Very well preserved. It wasn’t easy to get in. The neighbours are always watching. But we succeeded. And definitely worth it!!

Oculus Tower

The Oculus Tower standing in the middle of a large industrial site. Surrounding by a lot of other abandoned buildings. Unfortunately I don’t know what the place used to be. But abandoned for a long time…

les Thermes Blue

Les Thermes Bleu is an abandoned thermal spa complex in France. We visited this place in the spring of 2018, as we travelled over France in search of beautiful lost places. At the time of our visit, the spa appeared frozen in time in the 1980s, when the site was abandoned. The main attraction here […]