Villa Susanne

This noble house is more like a palace than a villa. Exploring Villa Beckers in the south of Europe

Chateau Turqouise

Once built as a social educational institution in1843. It is located on the edge of a village down in the forest. Because of the beautiful and peaceful environment, summer camps were also organized in addition to schoolacivities.It’s been abandoned since the 1990s. It was sold in 2006 but the new owner has done nothing with it […]

Chateau Dentiste

An extraordinary castle ; Chateau Dentiste. Read more on my website

Villa Poss

Once a grand manor set in large beautiful grounds with majestic views over the stunning lake and the mountains in the background.  The villa was built and extended in the 19th century. There have been three significant periods of construction; each relating to a change in ownership. This villa has been abandoned since 1950 and […]

Chateau L’ Alchemiste

Chateau Marianne or Chateau L’ Alchemiste We can find this beautiful mansion in a small village. Abandoned for a lot of years. Unfortunately there’s no history know of this place.  It was a former residence of a professor.  The nickname Chateau L’Achemiste is more suitable because of the chemistry equipment we found. Such as test tubes, […]

Villa Scorpio

This impressive villa is located in a large city, hidden behind large trees. Once inhabited by the owner of a nearby cement factory. But now empty and deserted. The villa was built in the 19th century and it has beautiful architectural elements.  These give the villa a beautiful appearance, even though there are no items […]

Domaine a Trois Colonnes

In a small village we can find these abandoned buildings. Located in a large park of 50 hectares.The first castle was built in the 14th century:  The place had several owners until the 18th century, during the Revolution. Also the mistress of Francois the first.A sign that the place is not under the grace of […]

Chateau Solucampre

Unfortunately, no information can be found about the age of this castle. Or why and when it has been abandoned. There are many stories surrounding this castle. A serial killer would have lived there. But that turned out to be an urban legend.The castle is located on a hill and overlooks a beautiful valley. It’s […]